Friday, February 11, 2011

What to do with all your old clothes, bags, shoes? - Donate them!

After cleaning out my closets, I realized that I am such a pack rat! I have so many old clothes, shoes, bags that aren't exactly in mint condition, but aren't trash either.

Loads of shoes that I will never wear anymore and are just being stored in another room
boxes full of old clothes

bags that I used in highschool and will NEVER EVER use again ;)

 I had several different ideas:

1. Sell it to an ukay-ukay and use the cash to buy new stuff
2. throw it away and let someone else turn my trash to treasure
3. Leave it in the "tambakan room" and don't do anything about it.
4. Donate it

I decided to donate the whole lot. I found a great organization that will meet up with you and get your old things, then ship them off to their target province. I emailed them today, a Saturday, and got an immediate response. These people are hardworking and really deserve any help we can give them.

from their website :

"In-kind donations are now accepted
Our organisation has started accepting second-hand yet usable clothes, used DVD's and VCD's kept in your cabinets, old toys, books/magazines, old shoes, household and school items that you don't intend to use anymore.

There's a different sense of happiness it can give when you see other people having greater needs of those items.

Kindly support our organisation to thrive with your in-kind donations and let's make our poor community members happier in availing more low-priced donated items."

I didn't really think about researching other Non-government Organizations, I just picked the first one that I found to be legitimate. :) And Ok, I can't even pronounce Himakas- Binuligay - Uswag (HBU) Association. Maybe next time I'll try researching more on initiatives for my own province.

Of course, you can pick any organization you want. Just google about "donating" and you'll find a lot of foundations doing the same thing.

You don't have to start doing something for others just when there's a calamity or when it's Christmas and you feel like giving. I know a lot of my friends are generous, but they just don't have the avenue to fulfill their selfless ideas.

Sometimes a little Google is all we need :P

Every little thing we do, every little thought we have for someone less fortunate than us, will bring us one step closer to bringing out our truest potential as human beings. At least that's what I think ;)

Have a happy weekend guys!

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